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Naturopathy is a distinct system of care based on traditional knowledge as well as on the most recent discoveries and scientific research. It is both an art and a science which emphasizes the prevention of disease through the use of natural techniques, natural supplements and lifestyle advice.

Naturopathy supports  the body's natural healing processes and addresses the underlying causes which may be compromising your health and well-being. 

Naturopathy is based on the following principles:

  • The use of safe and effective methods and natural substances which minimize the risk of harmful side effects

  • Avoiding, whenever possible, the harmful suppression of symptoms

  • Acknowledging and respecting the healing process and using the least force necessary to treat illness


(Primum non nocere)

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vitamins and minerals
Phytotherapy for health
Homeopathy vitality
   Functional Approaches                                  Nutraceuticals                                       Phytotherapy                                         Homeopathy
Aromatherapy plant aromatics
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Body Mind Healing therapies
Hydrotherapy relaxation healing
           Aromatherapy                            Traditional Chinese Medicine                 Body-Mind Techniques                                Hydrotherapy
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